Vehicle Control

Boom Gates

Also known as an automatic barrier, usually consist of a motor drive inside an enclosure, and fitted with single or folding aluminium hollow arm which restricts traffic flow when it comes to rest

Cable/Chain Gates

Consist of two bollards either side of the driveway opening, traffic is controlled in a similar but slower fashion to a boom gate. Most common with a chain or cable which drops to the floor when activated for access

Rising Bollards

A bollard that is automated, installed below ground so that the bollard sits flush with the surrounding floor level when lowered. And rises to a typical bollard height when traffic restriction is required again.

Road Blocker

This is usually made of steel, and is installed across the road underground. And is flush with the road when lowered, and hinges up at one side to approximately 300mm above ground. And resembles a triangular cheese section looking end on. Painted in yellow and black stipes to make more visible

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