Automatic Sliding Gates

Gate that slides open behind a wall or fence


Sliding Gates

Gate that slides open behind a wall or fence.
When would this product be used?
If there is room for the gate to open sliding left or right.
Other information:
The most popular gate, and easy to maintain<

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are the most recommended type of installation due to the lower maintenance compared to swing gates. We can supply you with a full track, gate and motor installation package, with a gate design of your choice.

We have a vast selection of gate motors to suit gates of all sizes and weights, some of which have variable speed controls. These are ideal for the larger gates, which usually take longer to open.

For the residential gate, our quality sliding gates range of motors can open in just a few seconds, so you’ll never have to get out of the car to open your gate again. Secure your property and safeguard against intruders with one of these reliable gate openers.

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