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Rolling code Remotes

These are a hand held/key chain radio devises that can send a fixed or rolling radio code to a matching receiver. Are harder to imitate, but usually require someone on site to program them. Can be fitted to most automated systems or alarms

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Exit Loops

Coils installed under the surface of roads and driveways, and detectors installed with the gate controller. Detects large metal objects

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Surge Protection Devices

A small device installed inside gate controller or separate housings in between your incoming power and the gate controller power connection, this fully protects your device from any power surges.

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As the name describes, regular servicing of your equipment and safety checks, to prolong the life of your gates and automation

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Maintenance mainly consists of adjustments due to wear and tear, cleaning, eradicating infestations, and reporting potential costly problems that may require more serious attention.

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