Apex Gates is Perth’s automatic gate specialist. We have many years’ experience in the gate automation industry and offer a comprehensive range of gate automation products.

We service commercial, industrial and residential applications with a wide range of high quality gate operators and automation equipment, with gates ranging from pedestrian gates through to entry/exit gates up to 24 metres opening size.

Why Choose Automatic Gates?
There are many reasons why home and business owners choose automatic gates for their property. Automatic gates not only add prestige and value to your property, they also provide:

Convenience No longer do you have to get out of your car to open your gate.
Protection Automatic gates keep children and pets away from busy streets.
Security Automatic gates act as a deterrent to burglars.

For more information about our gate automation products contact Apex Gates on 0409 865 250.

Sliding Gates
Sliding gates are the most recommended type of installation due to the lower maintenance compared to swing gates. We can supply you with a full track, gate and motor installation package, with a gate design of your choice.

We have a vast selection of gate motors to suit gates of all sizes and weights, some of which have variable speed controls. These are ideal for the larger gates, which usually take longer to open.

For the residential gate, our quality sliding gates range of motors can open in just a few seconds, so you’ll never have to get out of the car to open your gate again. Secure your property and safeguard against intruders with one of these reliable gate openers.

Cantilever Gates (trackless sliding gates)
Commercial cantilever gates are most suitable to sites where it is not practical to install a typical gate track across the road – either the levels are not good, the road is not surfaced (i.e. gravel or dirt), fork lift trucks access the gate opening, or the road cannot be closed for installation.

The key to a lower maintenance cantilever gate is to keep the weight of the gate as low as possible by using heavy-duty aluminium. Round tube uprights are standard, but we can supply aluminium cantilever gate frames in-filled with the material or design of your choice, including the most popular garrison spear design, up to 8m single opening, or 16m for a bi-parting pair.

Special orders are available up to 10m openings (20m double) but WA has high wind issues, and closure cannot be guaranteed.

Swing Gates
We can supply and install swing gate designs of your choice, with a large range of gate motors to suit different applications – from pedestrian gates up to commercial 6m gate leafs.

WA does have high winds, so care is required when choosing your design (see our Advice Page for more information)

Bi-Folding Swing Gates
These commercial gates are ideal for very busy access points where speed is essential to reduce traffic build up, like boom gates, with the added security to restrict pedestrian access to any site.

This option is also suitable when there is no room for sliding gates or regular swing gates.

Boom Gates
We can supply and install boom gates for high volume traffic areas, or sites that only need vehicle control. Boom gates can cover single driveway openings from 2.4m to 8m single boom or 16m dual boom.

Cable Gates
These are an alternative to boom gates and are preferred where pedestrians walk in close proximity to the gate, or where there is not enough headroom to install a boom gate.

Turn Styles
We can supply single or bi-directional turn styles, which can be fitted with swipe card access systems. These systems enable you to control who accesses or leaves your site and when.

Intercoms, Audio & Video
There are many intercom, audio and video products on the market. At Apex Gates we can custom a package to suit your exact requirements. Simply let us know what you’re after and we will supply a package to suit.

Access Control
We can supply you with an access control system, complete with full audit trail facilities. Access control lets you know who is accessing or leaving your site and when.

In addition to access control, we can also supply you with a comprehensive camera system to suit your needs.